Why Instagram is good for your business.

Why Instagram is good for your business.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram got it right. With more than 400 million users, according to SmallBizTrends.com, Instagram is one of the most distinguished tools with its photo and video filter enhancements. But what does this mean for your brand? Engagement.  As an avid personal user of Instagram for many years, I have fallen more in love with this tool every day. How many times do you check your Instagram account per day? It’s most likely multiple times. Why? Engagement. Catching on to the theme?

Now, I’m not saying that Facebook and Twitter aren’t great tools.  Both respectively have more users, but I believe they lack engagement. Here’s why:

Facebook was originally created for college students, but has since changed in so many ways.  (I have been a user since 2004, my first year of college.)  Find yourself constantly scrolling through your newsfeed? It’s simply because you are not engaged. Yes, the baby pictures are cute and it’s nice to know what Uncle Bob did on his vacation, and occasionally you may post a review (negative or positive) on a clothing line’s page, but where is the compelling content or imagery to keep you engaged?

Twitter burst onto the scene in 2006 with the concept of “tweeting” and essentially coined the hashtag. Fast forward 10 years later and it’s still one of the top social platforms. But over the years it has been swarmed with adverts, paid content and internet beef. Nothing wrong with that, especially from a pay per click advert’s perspective. Also, reading “tweefs” (beef over twitter), can be quite humorous. But…again, how many times do you scroll through looking for something to organically catch your eye?

The most compelling stat I could find about Instagram, is from the DMR stats reports website. According to DMR, 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. Wow, a whopping 90%! No wonder Instagram is so engaging. As a millennial, it’s no secret that the attention span of youth has changed significantly over the years. We want everything now…quick, fast and efficient. That is exactly what Instagram is doing – providing real-time, compelling imagery and visuals directly from the users themselves. Users include anyone from the average Joe to celebrities such as The Kardashians. Why would you not want to “Keep Up” with the Kardashians even after the season has ended? Well, with Instagram you can.

Millenials are the brand ambassadors for Instagram, and they didn’t have to shell out one dime.

So, what does this all mean for businesses? Free, organic engagement with your target audience and customers. Yes, take this opportunity to sell your products or services, but first and foremost, use the tool to provide your followers with an in-depth look into the lifestyle of your brand. If potential customers can relate to you, they will buy from you. Here are 5 examples of companies doing it right:


Old Navy


Billionaire Boys Club


Take advantage of Instagram’s free business account which provides insights such as impressions and reach statistics. These stats can help you calculate your ROI on social media efforts and help shape promotions. Users will feel much more connected with your brand with humanizing, engaging and compelling content.

Finally, I will leave you with this. Time and time again, I heard from many corporate organizations that “social is just a channel.” If you believe that, then your company is “just an organization.”


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