Top Five Apps All Girl Bosses Need

Top Five Apps All Girl Bosses Need

Girl bosses are often expected to have it all together. Women business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creative women are working hard everyday and usually juggling a lot of responsibilities at once. Even the most organized girls can feel overwhelmed. Luckily “there’s an app for that!”, in fact there are many “apps for that”. We live in a digital era and the help we may need is readily available at our fingertips. There is nothing wrong with a little help sometimes. Here are PBR’s top apps to help you stay on track and organized.


When you have four different deadlines, three big meetings, and a to-do list that is multiple pages long, it’s nearly impossible to keep it all together. That’s where the Evernotes app comes in handy. With its clever tag line “remember everything, work smarter, bring it all together”, Evernotes is exactly what you are looking for to stay organized and stay on track when you may feel like you’re about to lose it. The app is a medium to put anything and everything in your notes. It will sync the notes throughout all your computers, tablets, phones, etc. You will never find you yourself searching through your electronics to find a note you could have sworn you wrote down. Evernote will be your personal assistant and make sure you never miss out on what you need to get done to be the girl boss you are.


Photoshop can be one of the most intimidating tools to use. When you just need to perform a simple task and create a graphic design fast, trying to figure out photoshop can be a huge headache. Canva is perfect for these instances. Canva is essentially the photoshop for the photoshop incompetent people. It provides templates for all different social media posts, invitations, ad, etc. You can customize each post as much as you would like and every finished comes out looking professionally done and completely unique for you.


Not only do you have to make sure your personal tasks are getting done, but you also may have to delegate to an entire team. Even if it’s only two other people or a group of fifteen people, managing others can be overwhelming. Trello has all the perks of a personal assistant without actually having an employee. Trello allows you to create boards and projects you are working on and allows you to share these and designate to coworkers. It also allows you to assign tasks to others by creating to-do lists for yourself and for others.


Attending events hosted by girl bosses is empowering. We would love to catch them all. However, it’s often difficult to keep track of all the events happening locally. Coming soon is the app that helps you to never miss out on anything. The app finds empowering and trendy events near you and alerts you when they are happening. Never miss out on hearing your fellow girl bosses speak again.


Finances can be the least exciting part of the working world. Keeping up with deadlines and staying in budget can be a pain. Mint can put all things finance into one place. Mint can bring together all your different bank accounts, bills, credit card, and investments. It allows you to create budgets for yourself and monitors your spending as directed. Suddenly finances seem well… not like finance., Mint makes it simple and now you will have more time to put your energy elsewhere.

Now, go out there and take on the world, one app at a time!

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