How Netflix Changed the Game

How Netflix Changed the Game




Bored?Netflix. Tough day at work? Netflix. Movie night? Netflix. No Cable? Netflix.

Let’s be real, Netflix is pretty much the answer to all of our problems. While we can all appreciate a nostalgic moment over picking out our movies at BlockBuster, streaming changed the way we watch media forever. Using three key steps; convenience, innovation, and recognition, Netflix has changed the game and continued to stay successful among fierce competitors in the streaming realm.

Step One: Convenience

Convenience is key in this day and age, and Netflix recognized this and began to develop a way in which we could skip the trip to the store and have a multitude of shows/movies to watch right at our fingertips. In the digital age, we want instant gratification. Netflix cut out the middle-man by first introducing a mail-order DVD service, and eventually completely moving to online streaming. Since time has passed,, Netflix has continued to focus on convenience even introducing the “auto-play” and “Are you still watching?” widgets for binge-watchers such as myself. In the future, I think we will continue to see Netflix focus on convenience and ease for its consumers, as a key part of the company’s success.  

Step Two: Innovation

Continued innovation is another way Netflix keeps up with the changing times. One example is when they rolled out the “Netflix Original Series”. Knowing that just having outdated content wouldn’t be sustainable, Netflix started to develop exclusive content. With a goal to cut licensing costs and develop a new reason for users to keep their subscription, Netflix took the risk and put out their first series. The series was titled House of Cards and had huge commercial success and continues to carry a large following.This sparked a slew of original shows to follow, saving Netflix money and providing fresh content for subscribers. Constant creation is indispensable for the company because it helps them stay relevant and exciting to consumers.

Step Three: Recognition

Consumer recognition is another key part of what makes Netflix so powerful. The company keeps a keen eye on how they can improve, in order to meet consumer demand. Netflix rolled out a personalized recommendation system platform which is built around a system that uses a variety of algorithms to match content to member preferences, by using ratings and reviews from past views. This in turn matches movies to viewers based on their history and reviews. This technology tailored the site to its consumers which is a intelligent step in order to keep subscribers happy.


Overall, Netflix has changed the game for our binge-watching needs and continues to kill it with convenience, innovation, and recognition. Keeping these three key steps in mind when developing a user-friendly production or solution, will be a sure way to stay ahead of your competitors.


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