Monthly Digital Round Up

Monthly Digital Round Up

To keep your company up-to-date on the latest digital trends, we have compiled a list of the top five digital marketing announcements that were released during the month of April. These articles will provide you with better insight on how you can take your company to the next level!

1. Google and Facebook

Google released a real-time analytics tracker for companies to assess marketing metrics to help brands understand how effectiveness of their advertisements. The tracker will be able to report marketing spending across social channels and geographic regions.

Facebook has improved its Delivery Insights dashboard and added a new budget friendly feature called Estimated Daily Results. The updated Delivery Insights dashboard will provide businesses an in-depth report on auction metrics and trends for companies to track. Delivery Insights include the amount spent, results and cost-per-result. As for the Estimated Daily Results tool, companies will be able to measure how much their business will spend on advertisement campaigns.

2. Apple

Apple software applications such as GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork are free for all Mac OS and iOS users.. However, there is a catch. Any Apple products that were sold after 2013, already have this applications ready for use. For those of you who purchased an Apple product prior to 2013, you’re in luck! Garageband, iMovie and iWork are currently available for free download! So, if you would like to brush up on your technical skills or explore new technology, head over to the App Store and get creative. After all, it is free!

3. Pinterest

Pinterest has updated its mobile app to make in-app advertising and engagement more accessible for both consumers and brands. For iOS users, Promoted App Pins will allow users to download apps to his/her device without leaving the Pinterest dashboard. According to an interview with Adweek, Mike Bidgoli, Head of New Ad Products at Pinterest, said “more than 80% of Pinterest users were now on mobile. It’s a very mobile-first product, and hence, it lends itself well to app installs. One cool thing is that it not only worked for the core categories like food, style, beauty, but it also worked for personal finance, automotive and gaming.” For those of you who have developed apps for your business, this is a great advertising option to explore.

4. Instagram

No internet? No problem! Instagram has made advertisements accessible to users not connected to wifi. Currently, the new feature is available on Android (which is the preferred platform for developers to use when creating and testing product updates). In the coming months, iOS users will be able to share this similar experience of liking advertisements.

5. Adobe

Adobe has hopped on the virtual reality (VR) bandwagon. Google, Facebook, and GoPro have all made strides in creating state-of-the-art VR cameras that businesses can use to broaden their technical capabilities. However, the VR cameras that Google, Facebook and GoPro are developing are currently not commercially available for all companies to use. Nonetheless, Adobe sees that VR is the next technology boom and wants not only large creative studios to use it, but also small businesses too. Gavin Miller, Head of Research, at Adobe has created a headset using monoscopic 360-degree video and spherical cameras to give flat surfaces life. According to an interview with Variety, “The headset offers room-scale tracking, which means that the headset knows where in the room the viewer is, accurately translating a motion like “leaning forward” into corresponding visuals. Adobe’s scientists have figured out a way to deduct crucial information about a room by analyzing the movement of a camera through something they call a ‘structure-from-motion’ algorithm.” For companies that want to explore new forms of technology to expand their business, diving into VR will show clients that you are trending and tech savvy.

Check back soon for our May Monthly Round Up!

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