31 Days of Halloween Social Media Challenge

Dull day at the office? Need something to look forward to?

HallowMedia is a chance for you and your coworkers to get into the Halloween spirit while boosting your companies social media engagement. Everyday involves a halloween inspired task but incorporates the usage of various social media platforms. Wishing you all the best of luck, get posting!


1st– Go apple picking with your family or friends and post a picture of yourselves on Instagram and tag your company.

2nd -Create Halloween themed banner for Facebook.

3rd -Wear orange to work, post you and your orange wearing coworkers to your snapchat story.

4th -Create a Halloween inspired hastag to use for the entire month of October.

5th  -While at work create a halloween inspired boomerang.

6th -On Twitter post your offices’ top five favorite Halloween movies .

7th -Go to a haunted hayride with your family or friends and add it to your Snapchat story.

8th -Go to a pumpkin patch with your family or friends to get a pumpkin (you will need it for later in the week).

9th – Wear a fall sweater to work, take a picture with you and your coworkers and add it to your companies Instagram.

10th – Select the office “Witch” of the day and post a picture of them on your companies Facebook.

11th -Have an office pumpkin carving contest and post it on your company Instagram asking people to vote for the best.

12th -Reenact your favorite Halloween scene and post it on your companies Instagram story.

13th -Have the entire office bring in candy and trick or treat around the office, take a picture and add to your company Facebook.

14th-Bake an apple or a pumpkin pie and post a picture of it on your Facebook.

15th-Celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and sausages, post a video on your snapchat story.

16th -Decorate your desk area halloween or fall inspired, take a picture and post it to your companies twitter account.

17th -Bring in a homemade Halloween dessert to work that you found on Pinterest.

18th -Bob for apples with your coworkers on Facebook live.

19th -Play a murder myster game all day long in your office while posting clues on your companies Twitter.

20th -Start an email chain beginning with a short Halloween story sending it out to each member of your office to add more. Post the completed Halloween story on your companies Facebook.

21st-Host a fall inspired Potluck with your friends and post a picture on your Instagram story.

22nd-Spend the day watching football and post a picture of you in your favorite teams jersey to your companies Twitter account.

23rd -Everyone has to bring in something pumpkin spiced, add a picture the most non-basic pumpkin spiced item on your companies Facebook.

24th -Watch a Halloween movie during your lunch break, post a picture of the movie on your Snapchat story.

25th -Set up a Halloween photo booth and post the best picture on your companies Instagram.

26th -After hours host a thirsty Thursday with a Halloween inspired drink, post the recipe and a picture on your companies Twitter.

27th -Create a Halloween Spotify playlist, share it and play it during the work day.

28th-Have a Halloween movie marathon and document it on your Instagram story.

29th-Make caramel covered apples while on Instagram Live.

30th -Bring in plenty of toilet paper to work and race to make the best toilet paper mummy out of your coworkers. Post the best looking mummy on your companies Facebook and Twitter.

31st -Have a group costume contest, post the best executed group on your companies Instagram.

Happy Halloween!

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