5 Tips to an awesome email marketing campaign

5 Tips to an awesome email marketing campaign

Every day we are flooded with emails. Buy this, save now on this, sign up for this…the list goes on. How can your organization’s email get through all “this” and get a successful open and click-through rate? Before getting to this point, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Email was created for one simple purpose: to leave a note. Of course, email has evolved tremendously since the 1970’s when Ray Tomlinson researched sending a note from one computer to another (you can learn more here on Net History). The process quickly evolved and by the late 1990s, email was everywhere. With such wide adoption, organizations began flooding customers and prospects with “notes.” Fast-forward to 2016 and I can guarantee that before you even wake up in the morning, you have 5 – 10 unread emails. I’m being very conservative with this number…and I’m also not counting emails from your organization. With so many emails, what makes one open or even click-through the email?

Below are 5 tips to help your organization increase open and click-through rates to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.Below are 5 tips to help your organization increase open and click-through rates to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Don’t go overboard with Call-To-Actions (CTAs). Asking a customer or prospect to click on multiple (more than 3) is worse than asking someone which M&M flavor they like…it just doesn’t make sense. Having one focal point in a room is always key, the same should apply for an email. People don’t have time to make decisions on which link, button or icon to click on. Make the decisions for them. Having a few CTAs will help to understand if the offer or information is resonating with your audience. If the click-through is low, then the message didn’t resonate or needs to be tweaked. Don’t forget to have a sleek design and just remember the golden rule, never have competing CTA’s.
  2. The subject line must be engaging. Marketing is all about engagement. Getting someone to open your email is probably the toughest part of an effective email campaign, so spend time testing out a subject line. Create a few engaging subject lines and send them internally to your organization. Ask people for their opinion and if this is an email they would open. If you have a few key clients, why not send the test email and ask them if they opened it? Getting real, genuine feedback from your customers will help ensure your messaging is aligned with their pain points and objectives.
  3. Make sure the email template is responsive. I cannot tell you how many emails I have opened and the template isn’t responsive on my smartphone. If someone must zoom in, or turn their phone horizontally to view the message or read the email… it’s an epic #fail. How can you avoid this? Use an email marketing platform such as HubspotMailChimp or Constant Contact. These platforms have great tools to preview your email in various browsers, devices and even include A/B testing. Taking the extra 10 minutes to make sure your template is responsive is always a good idea.
  4. Animated GIFs are awesome. Who doesn’t love opening an email with a fun moving image? Emails don’t always have to be so serious. Adding an animated GIF as your leading image will not only engage your user, but can also provide information in a visual way. Do you have a quick explainer video, but the file size is too large to insert into an email? Convert it to an animated GIF. This provides a fun lighthearted way to describe your service or solution. GIPHY is great site with free animated GIFs to help you get started.
  5. Make sure the email is personal. I’m not talking about your typical salutation or mail merge. I’m talking about getting personal with your content. Is your organization tracking prospects behavior through digital adverts? Use is for leverage! For example:

Hi, Theresa…we’ve noticed you’ve been checking out red scarfs. Are you looking to compliment an outfit? At X Company, we have more than 12 different styles for you to choose from! Take a look at the options below. If you find something you like, use discount code: 1234 to take an extra 30% off! Happy Shopping!

When it comes to email marketing, remember to test, test, test. Test your messaging, images and design. Happy Campaigning!


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