5 Brands That Are Doing It Right

5 Brands That Are Doing It Right

Customer engagement can be daunting and difficult especially when it comes to new services or product offerings. However, don’t get discouraged! Social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram have made consumer engagement easier for businesses to get direct feedback and gain an edge on competition. The Powered By Reese social media team compiled a list of brands that we believe have strong a strong social media presence and consumer engagement.


1.Tory Burch

Twitter: @Toryburch

Instagram: @Toryburch

Website: https://www.toryburch.com


Tory Burch is a luxury lifestyle brand that takes inspiration from Tory’s childhood. Growing up during the 70’s allowed Tory to appreciate vibrant prints and colors that were popular during that decade. Her clothing and home furnishing designs are a direct reflection of the simple yet funky lifestyle she lives.


What We Love About The Brand:

  • Symmetry and Simplicity
    1. Tory Burch brings you back to nature. While scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll notice a subtle trend. Her photos present the old school family vacation vibe. Burch posts fun family memories and vacations that she draws inspiration from. She builds a luxury world but at the same time, she makes it personal by providing her audience an insight to her private life and opening up her design process. The photos she posts have a sense of balance. Whether it is in the architecture, magazine spreads or showcasing a new product, her posts have meaning and thought. They are simple, comforting and pleasing to the eye. When curating content for your social media, try to keep your posts simple and straight to the point. Allow the products and services to speak for themselves. Subtle placements of products will create a compelling story about your business.



Twitter: @Spanx

Instagram: @Spanx

Website: http://www.spanx.com


Spanx founder Sara Blakely, wants women to feel confident and not be held back by the little things in life. The brand takes pride in “being real with yourself” and wants you to showcase your best assets. Through social media, Spanx has created an open dialogue with their consumers to express what they love about their body.


What PBR Loves About The Brand:

  • Diversity
    • Spanx stays transparent with their audience by featuring real consumers on their social media platforms which makes other consumers relate to the brand. If you can get your consumer to envision themselves with your products or services, your company is going to thrive! In addition, client reviews leads to free advertising! Consumers always want to know where their peers and favorite celebrities shop. By posting or retweeting testimonials, you are reassuring your customers that your products are worth purchasing. This will definitely set your company apart from your competitors.


3.Urban Outfitters

Twitter: @UrbanOutfitters

Instagram: @UrbanOutfitters

Website: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com


Urban Outfitters has been deemed as the hipster store that carries on-trend fashions, accessories & quirky home-decor items. For millennials… it is pure nostalgia. it is the perfect throwback playground in which one can relive and indulge in childhood fashions.. As a result, Urban Outfitters social platforms reflect the nostalgic past time that their consumers live for.  


What PBR Loves About The Brand:


  • Use Of Creative Themes
    • Urban Outfitters has created a world within the brand itself. The relaxed vibes and the “simple life” aesthetic runs through their Instagram feed. They achieve this look & feel by sticking with one filter for every image. Instagram has 24 filters users can choose from and yet Urban Outfitters sticks to one. Why is that? It is all about brand consistency. Their dream like world must stay constant with images they upload. This allows their audience to feel a part of the world that Urban Outfitters has created for them.



Twitter: @MACcosmetics

Instagram: @MACcosmetics

Website: http://www.maccosmetics.com


“All Ages. All Races. All Sexes.” Mac Cosmetics believes art has no limits. Whether you’re a professional or enjoy recreating looks from your favorite Youtube videos, Mac Cosmetics wants you to be able to express yourself through their products. Owners, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo took on the responsibility to give consumers high quality products to unleash their inner artists.


What We Love About The Brand:

  • Product Demos
    • Featuring demonstration videos on your social media will display helpful information such as how to use it or clever tricks to broaden the use of your product. Videos can even be a more efficient method to answer your customer’s frequently asked questions.
  • Product Reviews From Users
    • The more reviews, the better. Reviews can help increase your search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google can track how many times your company has been mentioned based off how many reviews are written about your product and or company. The more reviews you have, the higher your placement will be in google search results.
  • Sneak Peek of New Releases
    • Mac Cosmetics does a fantastic job at getting their audience excited about new product releases. Instagram’s Live feed feature allows Mac Cosmetics to get personal with their consumers. The feed feature allows viewers to chat with their favorite makeup artists. By going live on Instagram, your consumers can chat with you directly, giving you instant feedback and product reassurance.



Twitter: @Teslamotors

Instagram: @Teslamotors

Website: https://www.tesla.com


Live sustainably. Since 2003, Tesla has made it their mission to prove electric cars are better than gasoline-powered. Without having to compromise, Tesla has created energy efficient vehicles that have strong engines and self driving capabilities. “Tesla is not just an automaker, but also a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation.”


What We Love About The Brand:

  • Staying Authentic
    • Tesla wants every person to buy responsibly, even when it comes to cars. Tesla is a global vehicle that wants everyone to know what they stand for and believe in. Their social media is bursting with information about how their products are Eco-friendly and updated with all the latest gadgets a driver may want. The idea of “you get back what you put out,” is 100% true in this case. Reminding your consumer of the positive aspects of your products and services will create a strong trusting authentic relationship that will last for the years to come.

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